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Average Nurse Salary Over $60,000 Per Year in the US

Go to USA within 3 months and become a registered nurse (RN) within 12 months !!! plus a Master's degree in Healthcare Management to further boost your salary. Advancing Your Nursing Career in the USA ! 

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The Foreign Nurse USA Porgram combines the NCLEX preparation coursework on-line with a master's degree study in Healthcare Management at a university on-campus. The university offers a unique opportunity that allows the foreign nurse students to start to the full-time management-related work (internship) off-campus since the beginning of the first academic year, consequently, foreign nurse students with healthcare background can:

Go to the US and start to pursue their educational and professional goals in about 3 months instead of waiting at home countries without a clear career goal.

Obtain valuable "hands-on" US work experience to enhance the foreign nurse resume and recommendation letters.

Once having a job offer letter, foreign nurse student can apply for the SSN, which is required to take the NCLEX exam.

Earn some money (min. $10 per hour), which can be used to help foreign nurse students pay the tuition and living cost.



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