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Average Nurse Salary Over $60,000 Per Year in the US

Go to USA within 3 months and become a registered nurse (RN) within 12 months !!! plus a Master's degree in Healthcare Management to further boost your salary. Advancing Your Nursing Career in the USA ! 

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 Foreign Nurse USA Program 


Foreign nurse students and healthcare professionals who join the Foreign Nurse USA Program will receive the following package services

1) Foreign nurse students will be accepted into a Master's degree in healthcare management program at a fully accredited US university.

2) Guarantee that all the legal documents ready within 60 days ( if the application materials are completed) so that student can go for the visa interview and go to the US in about 3 months.

3) Offer our foreign nurse students the NCLEX-RN exam preparation courses.

4) Arrange our foreign nurse students take the NCLEX-RN exam in the US.

5) Assist our foreign nurse student in obtaining the full-time internship employment while in the university.

7) Obtain the Social Security Number (SSN) for foreign nurse students.

8) Professional Job placement Services for our foreign nurse students in finding decent jobs in hospital or other healthcare facilities.

9) Guarantee a job authorization for foreign nurse students.


Cost to Join  the Foreign Nurse USA Program and Internship Income

The candidate will need to have around $23,000 USD to join this program, including first year tuition and living cost. In addition, please budget $2000 USD for NCLEX course study and exam, as well as RN certificate and VisaScreen fees, total budget $25000 per year.

$15000 - $18000 Internship Annual Income

When foreign nurse students studying in the university the paid internship (CPT) income is estimated at about $1600 up per month for management-related internship jobs, depending on the job position and individual skills, most earn more than minimum wage.

Rolling Admission Year Around

with No Application Deadline



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