Legal Concepts

A foreign nurse must pass NCLEX-RN® Exam to become a registered  nurse (RN) in the US, however, passing the  NCLEX-RN® Exam only means that you have the required knowledge and skills to work as a foreign nurse in the US, it does NOT mean you already have the legal right to work as a foreign nurse in the US. You still need to have foreign nurse "work permit" document before being allowed to work in the US.


Based on the US immigration law, either an H1b work visa or an immigration visa (Green Card) can be used as "work permit" for a foreign workers. However when comes to the H1B work visa, according to the USCIS regulation, foreign nurses are NOT eligible for H1B visa in general RN positions, unless the position is in a "managerial position", such as nurse supervisors,  nurse managers, assistant nurse managers, clinical supervisors and research program coordinators. All these positions are qualified for H1b visa, however, you usually need to have a master's degree in healthcare administration from a US university to get such a position.


Before 2008, foreign nurse who had passed the NCLEX-exam could have the nurse job arranged in the US, then, applying for the  an immigration visa (green card) directly, however that procedure was blocked by the US immigration under the pressure of the US public. Accordingly, US president Obama made a statement declaring his position on the issue. "The notion that we would have to import nurses makes absolutely no sense ..." said Obama, , consequently, the door to directly one-step land on hospital closed.


However, there is an alternative road for foreign nurses going to the USA. If you go to the USA as an international student seeking for a master's degree in Healthcare Administration at an university that has the internship program (also called Curricular Practical Training - CPT ) in the beginning of the first school year, you can get work authorization from the university (CPT ), once you have a job offer letter and job authorization from the university, you can obtain your SSN which is needed for taking the RN exam.


As a foreign nurse with our program, you don't need to study and take the NCLEX-RN exam at your home country until after arriving in the US and receiving your SSN. Once passing the RN-exam and becoming a registered nurse you can earn a decent salary from a job in the hospital. In addition, as a foreign nurse with a master's degree in healthcare administration from a fully accredited US university you are qualified for a job under H1B visa, which lasts for 6 years whereby you can work in the US hospital while filing your case for the "green card".


The best of all with our program is that you, as a foreign nurse,  can go to USA in 3 months and become a RN in 12 months. This option gives you all the flexibilities and advantages. Plus you will earn way more money than staying at home country because you can work (earn US dollars) and study simultaneously.  


The internship option is under the administration of university which is authorized by the U.S. Homeland Security Department for F-1 international graduate students (Title 8, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 214.2 (f)(10). Students are allowed to work off-campus full-time since the beginning of the first academic year, the job could be any administration-related jobs, while the earning can be used to help pay the tuition and living cost.