Services & Cost

Foreign nurse students and healthcare professionals who join the Foreign Nurse USA Program will receive the following package services.

1) Foreign nurse students will be accepted into a Master's degree in Healthcare Administration program at a fully accredited US university.

2) Guarantee that all the legal documents ready within 60 days ( if the application materials are completed) so that student can go for the visa interview and go to the US in about 3 months.

3) Offer our foreign nurse students the NCLEX-RN exam preparation courses.

4) Arrange our foreign nurse students take the NCLEX-RN exam in the US.

5) Assist our foreign nurse students in obtaining the full-time internship employment while studing in the university. Jobs are 100% guaranteed, either by finding new jobs or replacing the old students who just completed the program.

6) Guarantee a job authorization for foreign nurse students.

7) Obtain the Social Security Number (SSN) for foreign nurse students.

8) Guide our student in obtainning the VisaScreen Certificate.

9) Professional Job Placement Services for our foreign nurse students in finding decent jobs in hospital or other healthcare facilities.

10) Legal assistance on immigration matter.


Contact our agent in your country for the cost to join this program.

Rolling Admission Year Around with No Application Deadline